Education Ministry Runaround Threatens BY School Opening


Less than two months before the start of the next school year, the entire Bais Yaakov system is being kept in budgetary limbo by the Ministry of Education, putting at risk a smooth opening in September.

Bais Yaakov administrators warned on Monday that the Ministry’s refusal to set budget lines for dozens of schools and tens of thousands of students threatens the school opening.

Director-General of the seminary network, Rabbi Yitzchak Osterlitz, told Hamodia that Education Ministry officials are refusing to schedule meetings with Bais Yaakov representatives, peremptorily calling off those that were scheduled, and not returning their phone calls.

Officials under the direction of Education Minister Shai Piron (Yesh Atid) have been giving Bais Yaakov representatives the runaround, shunting them from one office to another, instead of addressing the pressing budgetary and administrative issues.

In previous years, despite tensions and disagreements, meetings were held and decisions were made in a professional and timely manner. But since the government of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was elected a year and a half ago, all that has, unfortunately, changed.