An Unspeakable and Indefensible Act

After days of uncertainty, suspects in the heinous murder of an Arab youth last week have been arrested and identified as Jews.

There can never be an excuse for the wanton shedding of innocent blood, nor can there ever be an explanation for a repugnant act of terror.

As we have previously stated in these pages, doing everything possible to try to prevent a murderer from killing again is obligatory on the justice system of any country.

“Vengeance,” however, even on a guilty party, is something that does not belong to mortals, but to Heaven.

The killing of this teenager — who had no connection to any acts of terror committed by some of his brethren — isn’t by any measure an act of revenge, but a deplorable act of murder.

We declare to the entire civilized world:  This terrible crime was committed by deranged individuals who exchanged the ways of our ancestors for the tactics of our bloodthirsty enemies, causing an unforgivable desecration of the name of G-d.

This vicious crime was an unspeakable, indefensible act that is the polar opposite of the basic teachings of the Jewish faith, and is unequivocally condemned in the harshest terms possible by Jewish people around the world.