Hikind, Shomrim Release Safety Video Advisory

BROOKLYN (Hamodia Staff) -

Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Boro Park Shomrim released a video message to parents to be more vigilant in protecting baby carriages from traffic.

“Sometimes people feel a little too safe and disregard the potential danger to our most precious commodities — the children,” Hikind says in the video. “We must remember that there are people out there who are dangerous and drivers who are careless.”

Yanky Daskal, a Shomrim coordinator, said he’s seen people “pushing baby carriages into the gutter as they themselves stand on the sidewalk.”

“…they can get out of the way when a car comes but a baby can’t,” said Motty Katz, another Shomrim coordinator.

The video advised parents to  keep their eyes on strollers or baby carriages and not to talk or text on their cell phones when out with babies.