NYC Council Making Countdown Clocks Citywide


New York’s City Council allocated nearly $2.8 million in the budget that was just approved to install countdown clocks at bus stops across the city.

Riders Alliance, an advocacy group, praised the decision, saying that the funds are enough to install more than 100 of the clocks at stops in all five boroughs. There are already clocks at two locations on Staten Island.

All of the MTA’s buses have been fitted with GPS devices. The clocks would use the data to let riders know how far away the buses are from their stops.

In related news, the council is currently considering a bill that would ease alternate-side-of-the-street parking rules.

Under the present regulation, motorists must move their vehicles to allow city workers to clean the streets and stay away from that side until the time is up, even after the sweepers have left. The bill would allow drivers to return to parking spaces as soon as street sweepers pass through.