EU Condemns Kidnapping, Five Days Later

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

Five days after the terrorist kidnapping of three Israeli teens, the European Union finally issued its condemnation, The Jerusalem Post reported.

“Such acts can only undermine international efforts to encourage a resumption of peace negotiations. We are following developments closely and remain in constant contact with our Israeli and Palestinian counterparts,” the EU said in a statement on Tuesday.

Israeli officials have expressed their indignation at the EU’s dilatory response, comparing it their usual alacrity in condemning Israeli announcements of building projects over the Green Line.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu undoubtedly had the EU in mind when he urged the entire international community to condemn the attack on Monday night.

“I expect all responsible elements in the international community — some of whom rush to condemn us for any construction in this place or for enclosing a balcony in Gilo — to strongly condemn this reprehensible and deplorable act of abducting three youths. Whoever opposes terrorism needs to condemn terrorism wherever it is perpetrated. I expect other countries to join in these condemnations and to support the State of Israel’s legitimate and necessary acts of self-defense,” Netanyahu said.

The French embassy in Israel also released a statement of condemnation on Tuesday calling the act “cowardly” and “unacceptable.”