Driver Intentionally Hit NY Trooper, Killing Him


A pickup truck driver changed lanes and intentionally hit a trooper conducting a traffic stop along a highway on Thursday, killing him instantly, and was charged with murder, police said.

Almond Upton admitted to police that he deliberately swerved his pickup truck from the left passing lane to the right shoulder to hit Trooper Christopher Skinner on I-81 near Binghamton, police Superintendent Joseph A. D’Amico said. Upton had sideswiped two other vehicles with his Toyota Tacoma, D’Amico said.

Upton was taken into custody an hour later after a police dog tracked him into nearby woods. Police said he didn’t appear to be impaired and that it was unclear what his motive was. Upton, 60, told police he was driving to Connecticut to visit his mother.

Skinner, 42, was a 13-year veteran from Delaware County. The Binghamton resident is survived by two children, ages 12 and 15.