N.Y. Board Says Campaign Donor Limit Unenforceable


Political campaign donors will no longer be subject to a $150,000 limit in contributions per year to candidates or political groups in New York, the state Board of Elections says.

The state limit on annual campaign donations by an individual, or limited liability company, can’t be enforced in light of recent federal court decisions, board members decided last week.

Consequently, those who can afford to will be able to contribute to as many statewide and legislative candidates, political parties and political advocacy committees as they wish, subject only to the recipients’ restrictions.

For New York’s statewide races — governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and comptroller — candidates can accept only $41,100 from an individual for the general election. The limit is $10,300 for state Senate candidates and $4,100 for the Assembly.

The elections board — two Republicans and two Democrats — agreed the $150,000 individual annual aggregate donation limit is unenforceable following rulings by the federal court in Manhattan and the U.S. Supreme Court, spokesman John Conklin said.

“That stands as an opinion of the board,” Conklin said.