Barak: U.S. Could Easily Knock Out Iran Nuclear Sites

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

Former Defense Minister Ehud Barak Claimed on Thursday that elimination of the Iranian nuclear facilities could be accomplished by the United States with relative ease, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Barak said it would take a “fraction of one night” to do the job, if U.S. President Barack Obama would give the order.

Addressing the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Barak said that “it’s a simpler operation to get rid of the [Iranian] arsenal” than the attack that the U.S. had planned against Syria.

By contrast, much has been written of the difficulty Israel would have in destroying the Iranian nuclear targets, lacking the resources available to the U.S.

Regarding White House policy toward Iran, Barak charged that Obama had moved the goal posts on what he would find acceptable from Tehran.

“The American administration changed its objective from no nuclear military Iran to no nuclear military Iran during the term of this administration,” Barak said, adding that the U.S. “is perceived to have been weakened” over the last several years.