Senator Makes House Calls With ‘Senator On Site’


Doctors may not make house calls anymore, but a state senator from Brooklyn is reinstituting the concept in the political arena.

Sen. Simcha Felder said Tuesday he will be expanding his “Senator On Site,” or “SOS,” initiative after a limited launch in March.

Felder said that nearly 100 people have since contacted his office for assistance with problems pertaining to potholes, street lights, tree stumps, or broken sidewalks outside their homes or in their neighborhood which require repair.

“My goal in starting the SOS program was to bring personal service back into politics,” Felder said. “I want to ensure that I am accessible to all of my constituents regardless of where they’re located.”

The idea for Senator On Site arose after one small business owner called Felder’s office, saying that the sidewalk in front of his discount store was obstructed by a tree encased with a metal fence, a bike rack, and a MuniMeter. Delivery trucks could not off-load new merchandise, and vendors told the store owner they would cease deliveries until there was adequate space available. The constituent was steadily losing business until Felder and his SOS Team intervened with the Department of Transportation and had the bike rack placed elsewhere.

If you would like the SOS Team to visit your home or office, call Senator Felder’s office at 718-253-2015.