Rare Seder Night Snowfall Has NYC Area Buzzing


A rare snowfall on the second night of Pesach last week has old-timers stretching their memories to recall the last time it snowed on the Seder night.

The kittel-clad men running to Sefiras HaOmer early Wednesday morning had an additional reason for seeing white — a light but bitterly cold layer of sleet fell in New York City and New Jersey, making for a slippery surface but little sticking.

Copies of the sefer Toras Emes from Harav Leibel Eiger, zt”l, made the rounds, in which the 19th century Lubliner Rebbe extols the “siman tov” snow brings on Pesach as a sign that Hashem accepted the Seder with ratzon.

The last time in snowed on Pesach was in 1996, when a heavy storm fell on Chol Hamoed. A blizzard also blew through the tristate area in 1982 on Erev Pesach.