Poll: 97% of Israelis Doubt Peace Prospects


That Israelis are pessimistic about the peace process comes as no surprise, but the extent of it may raise some eyebrows, at least among diplomats.

The monthly Peace Index poll found that only a mere seven percent of Jewish Israelis believe there is a strong chance of Secretary of State John Kerry brokering an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians in the next few months.

Even more striking is that the data was gathered last Sunday and Monday, before the crisis erupted in the peace talks.

The poll, sponsored by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) and Tel Aviv University, interviewed six hundred Israelis with a margin of error of 4.1%.

Twelve percent of Israelis think chances for a deal are high, including seven percent among Jews and 35% among Israeli Arabs. The percentage of Israelis who believe chances are low was 87%, but 92% of Israeli Jews and 62% of Israeli Arabs.

Pessimism notwithstanding, 65% of Israelis support continuing the talks, including 62% of Israeli Jews and 80% of Israeli Arabs. Only 31% of Israelis oppose the negotiations, with 25% of Israeli Jews and 15% of Israeli Arabs supporting them.