IDF Launches Into Cloud Computing


Israel’s smart military will be significantly smarter by the end of 2014, when the IDF completes installation of cloud computing networks, senior army sources told The Jerusalem Post this week.

The new technology will enable commanders in any particular combat arena to log in to the network and receive real-time intelligence on the location of both enemy targets and the position of friendly forces.

The system, being developed by the C4i Corps (C4i stands for command, control, communications, computers, and [military] intelligence), will be accessible to forces in the air force, on the ground forces and at sea.

An IDF source said the military computing cloud was one of a number of teleprocessing upgrades under way, designed to increase the effectiveness of the IDF’s firepower and shorten the sensor-to-shooter cycle.

“If you see a missile fired from Gaza, you have to link the sensor to the shooter in real time to respond to that target,” he said.

“If teleprocessing didn’t exist, the army could not have killed two armed suspects who approached the Syrian border,” he noted, referring to last week’s incident on the northern border. “This contributes to deterrence. It sends the message to enemies: Doncome near the border fence; every time you do, you endanger your people.”

Another system in the pipeline is Crystal Ball, which displays input from a variety of sensors on a single screen in a command center staffed by senior officers.