Netanyahu May Face Likud Rebellion Over Framework Agreement


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu continues to be caught between the Palestinians and Americans pressuring him to make concessions for peace on one side while, on the other side, members of his own government are rattling sabers lest he make such concessions.

The latest internal rumble came from Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, who threatened on Thursday to oust Netanyahu as head of Likud if concessions to too far.

In an interview with Army Radio, Danon said that Secretary of State John Kerry’s yet-to-be released framework agreement remains unacceptable to the right-wing of the party.

“This framework would mean the abandonment of the Jordan Valley, a return to the ‘67 lines and the division of Yerushalayim,” Danon declared.

“We are a democratic faction and there will be a race for the leadership when we get to that point. However, as someone who knows the hearts of Likud members, we will not support a framework that brings us in line with the positions of [Justice Minister] Tzipi Livni.”

Danon also vowed on Wednesday to leave his post if the fourth round of Palestinian prisoner releases takes place on March 28.

The Prime Minister’s Office is not taking kindly to Danon’s threats. Officials there predicted that Danon would indeed be departing soon, either because the prisoner release goes through, or because he’ll be fired for insubordination.