ShopRite, Community Agree To Terms of New 19th Ave. Exit

BROOKLYN (Hamodia Staff) -

Community officials arrived at an agreement with the ShopRite on McDonald Avenue regarding the use of the driveway connecting the store’s rear parking lot to 19th Avenue, Councilman David Greenfield announced Tuesday.

The terms of the deal, Greenfield said, will limit the new exit’s impact on the adjacent residential area.

According to the agreement, the driveway will be used only as an exit from ShopRite and will be one-way from the dead end at 19th Avenue to 50th Street. Only cars are permitted to use the driveway.

In 2012, the issue had come up but was blocked. However, work was restarted abruptly and without the community being notified. In February 2013, Greenfield asked the Buildings Department to immediately revoke all permits issued to ShopRite.

After the city issued a stop work order, ShopRite conducted a traffic study. Greenfield, Community Board 12, chairman Yidel Perlstein, community members, and ShopRite officials met for months and hammered out an agreement acceptable to all sides.

“It took us a year to resolve, but I am very pleased that company officials listened to our concerns and agreed to take steps to minimize the impact,” Greenfield said.

“There is no question that we got this result because we as a community stuck together to make sure that the community’s needs were accommodated,” said Community Board 12 Chair Yidel Perlstein.