Gmail Adds ‘Unsubscribe’ Button to Help Reduce Marketing Emails

(Los Angeles Times/MCT) -

Unsubscribing from annoying marketing emails is now easier than ever for users of Google’s Gmail service.

Gmail has added an “unsubscribe” button that users will see at the top of promotional messages they receive. If they click the button, Gmail will try to ensure they no longer receive such material from that sender, Google said.

The Silicon Valley tech giant said it implemented the feature as a way to benefit both recipients and senders of marketing emails.

Without the new “unsubscribe” button, users typically have had to delve through tiny text at the bottom of unwanted messages looking for links to “unsubscribe” pages on companies’ websites. Once on these sites, users must often fill out forms indicating which email address they want to unsubscribe, as well as give a reason they are unsubscribing.

The new button will benefit marketers because it makes it less likely that users will mark their material as spam, Google said.

The button will be visible for most promotional messages that include unsubscribe options. It will appear at the top of messages, to the right of the sender’s email address.