Armed Palestinian Demonstration in Abu Dis


A demonstration of military-clad Palestinians armed with semiautomatic rifles and hand grenades was held in the village of Abu Dis, located just outside of the Yerushalayim municipal boundaries, over the weekend.

The procession marked the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Marxist faction and a member organization of the Palestine Liberation Organization, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Participants were seen brandishing AK-47 and M16 semiautomatic rifles as well as hand grenades and pistols, according to Israel Radio. A number of shots were fired in the air.

The incident seems part of a trend over recent months of Palestinians displaying firearms in public, despite a ban imposed by the Palestinian Authority several years ago.

Armed demonstrations have taken place recently throughout PA-ruled areas, particularly in the Jenin, Balata, Dheishe, and the Jalazone refugee camps, according to Israel Radio.

Unlike those areas, however, Abu Dis is in Area B, where Israel is responsible for maintaining security.