Finnish Military Closes Deal With Israeli IT Company


The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) have finalized a deal to purchase over $22 million worth of telecommunications networking products and maintenance from Israeli IT company ECI Telecom (ECI), the Helsinki Times reports.

ECI is the main telecommunications vendor for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and a leader in the fied.

ECI was awarded a no-bid contract by Finland in recognition of the fact that the Israeli firm has a  close working relationship with the IDF and certain equipment and maintenance is available only from ECI.

As is de rigueur for any Israeli company in the business of weapons manufacturing or production of IT for military applications, ECI white paper openly proclaims: “ECI Telecom heads a number of leading companies. ECI Telecom and its associates are in a position to fulfill customer needs at every communications layer. This cooperation has been built through years of collaboration with the IDF.”