Hachaver Dovid Hakohen Hess, z”l


The Baltimore community gathered yesterday to pay kvod acharon to Hachaver Dovid Hakohen Hess, z”l,  Vice President of the Agudah of Park Heights and noted askan for many city-wide projects.

Reb Dovid was born 68 years ago to Mr. Kurt B. (Boruch) and Mrs. Liesel B. (Baila) Hess, pillars of the Baltimore community. Mrs. Liesel Hess was beloved as the first kindergarten teacher in Bais Yaakov of Baltimore, a position she continued for decades until her retirement.

Reb Dovid continued in his parent’s legacy of askanus. He worked tirelessly to establish the Agudath Israel of Baltimore, under the leadership of Harav Moshe Heinemann, shlita, and continued to be extremely involved in its affairs until his final weeks. He had tremendous emunas chachamim, and was constantly shoel eitzah with Harav Heinemann in every step that he took. He also attended shiurim and developed a close relationship with Harav Yaakov Hopfer, shlita, Rav of Shearith Israel Congregation.

Reb Dovid was also extremely involved in building Baltimore’s mikveh, and later shared his expertise in mikvaos with other cities. He was also actively involved in the Agudath Israel of America.

He was niftar this past Shabbos, after a short illness.

Reb Dovid is survived by his five children, Reb Naftali Hess of Passaic, Reb Avi Hess of Yerushalayim, Mrs. Miriam Ickowitz of Baltimore, Reb Boruch Hess of Toronto, and Mrs. Tziporah Bodner of Yerushalayim, and by two sisters, Mrs. Esther Heinemann of Monsey, and Mrs. Chaya Sher of Baltimore.

A longer tribute will, iy”H, appear in the Wednesday edition of the Hamodia.