Terror Plot Against Yerushalayim Wedding Hall Foiled


Israeli security forces have foiled a terrorist plot to attack the Nof wedding hall in the Bayit Vagan neighborhood of Yerushalayim, The Jerusalem Post reported on Wednesday.

The Yerushalayim District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday filed an indictment with the District Court against an alleged terror cell of four residents of eastern Yerushalayim in the case.

The cell included Anas Ouisat, Basel Abidat, Ahmed Sarur and Amru Abado of the Jabal Muchbar neighborhood, all between the ages of 19-21, said the indictment.

The four are charged with conspiracy to assist an enemy in time of war.

Specifically, Ouisat and Abidat decided in December 2013 carry out an attack against Israeli
civilians in the capital. Ouisat suggested the Nof hall, both because there would be a large number of casualties among hundreds of attendees, and because he had previously worked there and knew his way around.

They planned to enter the hall dressed as chareidim with concealed mini Uzi guns, and they got an estimate of NIS 50,000 from a weapons dealer.

The head of the wedding hall, Gilad Pinchas called the indictment “a gift from G-d.  Nof has top security conditions, and we will continue to consider security a top priority at our hall for all our events and all our guests,” he added.