Gross Boys Transferred Out of Intensive Care


Yitzchak and Michael Gross have, baruch Hashem, recovered enough to be transferred out of the intensive care unit to regular rooms at Schneider Medical Center in Petach Tikvah where they have been recovering from an accidental poisoning in their home in Yerushalayim.

Michael Gross, 7, and his 5-year-old brother Yitzchak clung to life for days after the poisoning.  Jews all over the world davened for them, and late last week they made a dramatic improvement
and were taken off the ECMO machine. They began breathing on their own and speaking with their parents and hospital staff.

Doctors at Schneider say they will probably be allowed to return home within the next few days.

The boys were described as still very weak and cannot yet carry on extended conversations.

Doctors say they remember what happened right up to the time they were taken to the hospital.

“It is for such things as this that we get up in the morning,” one of the doctors at Schneider said.

“It’s true, we did everything we could for the boys and gave them the finest treatment available, but in the final analysis, there is Somebody who is running things. One thing is for sure, the prayers that we were witness to brought about this miracle.

“I want to thank Hakadosh Baruch Hu, and the good emissaries at Schneider for all they have done, and I ask everyone to continue davening so that we will see them on their feet again,” their father, Harav Shimon Gross said.

Their Hebrew names are Raphael Yitzchak Isaac ben Michal, and Chaim Michael Shlomo ben Michal.

Meanwhile, police were reportedly deciding what charges to bring against the exterminator whose pesticides, left in the Gross apartment, caused the deaths of the Gross’s daughters, Yael and Avigail, a”h.

Depending on the charge, criminal negligence or murder, he could face a prison term of up to 20 years.