Poland’s Chief Rabbi: ‘Legal System Much Too Slow in Responding to Acts of Hatred’

In light of recent events in Ukraine, Hamodia asked Polish Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich to comment on anti-Semitism in neighboring Poland.

“Anti-Semitism is falling and rising at the same time in Poland,” he said in an email. “There are many more people today who are sensitive to Jewish topics and concerns — cleaning our cemeteries, learning about history, attending Jewish concerts, restoring Jewish memory — and no longer being indifferent.

“At the same time, there are anti-Semitic slogans at soccer matches with no criminal charges being filed even though it is illegal in Poland.

“Poland’s legal system has been much too slow in responding to acts of hatred. Anti-Semitism can also be encountered in areas of high unemployment.

“The police are slowly becoming more proactive, and the judges are mixed in their judgments.”