Abbas Says Willing to Meet Netanyahu


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was quoted Wednesday as saying he was willing to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at any time, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Abbas also said he would consider the possibility of speaking at the Knesset.

The remarks were made during an interview held with the Institute For National Security Studies (INSS) at Tel Aviv University.

“I don’t reject the idea and would be prepared to discuss it,” Abbas said when asked whether he would agree to go to the Knesset, and added it was possible Netanyahu would someday be invited to speak before the Palestinian parliament.

The full interview with Abbas is scheduled for airing during next week’s annual conference of the INSS.

Abbas reportedly said that he would agree to a transitional period of only three months, during which time Israel would gradually withdraw and ensure its security. Recently, Secretary of State John Kerry was said to have proposed a ten-year Israeli military presence in the Jordan Valley.

“We accept the principle of a transitional period, but I wish to clarify that those who are proposing 10 or 15 years don’t want to withdraw,” he said.