Terrorist Group Takes Responsibility For Eilat Rocket Attack

YERUSHALAYIM (Reuters/Hamodia) -

An al-Qaida-inspired group in Egypt claimed responsibility on Tuesday for a rocket attack on Eilat, saying it would continue to target Israel while battling the interim military government in Cairo.

There were no casualties or damage from Monday night’s attack. Eilat residents reported hearing two explosions and a police spokesman said remains of a rocket were found in a desert area outside the Red Sea port on Tuesday.

The Sinai-based terror group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis said it had carried out the rocket launch on Eilat and was undeterred by Egyptian security sweeps.

Also on Tuesday morning, Palestinian terrorists detonated a bomb on the border between southern Gaza and Israel. IDF sources said the explosive was planted on the Gazan side of the fence, and was an attempt to kill soldiers in the area.

The attack did not cause injuries. “Palestinian terrorists are exploiting the area west of the border to attack soldiers and Israeli civilians,” an army spokeswoman said.”

Meanwhile, IDF sources say that Hamas is making a significant effort to halt rocket fire emanating from Gaza by smaller terrorist factions.

Hamas has deployed hundreds of men along the border fence to prevent any escalation, Israel Radio reported Tuesday.

Egypt has reportedly been mediating between Israel and Hamas to keep the situation under control, according to Israel Radio.

“All parties are interested in calm, both with us, and with you,” a security source in Gaza told the radio station.