911 Calls Reveal Wife’s Frantic Plea for Help


Calls made to 911 on the night a young Jewish lawyer was killed in a carjacking outside an upscale mall reveal that it took an ambulance 30 minutes to get to the victim.

In the recordings obtained Monday, Jamie Schare Friedland can be heard screaming at a dispatcher following the Dec. 15 shooting of her 30-year-old husband, Dustin.

“Yes this is an emergency. I’m at the Short Hills mall parking lot. My husband has been shot,” Friedland screams. “We called an ambulance a half an hour ago, where is it?”

“They’re on their way,” the dispatcher says.

“When? When? When?” Friedland replies. “Give me a time!”

Millburn Police Chief Gregory Weber said the ambulance arrived at the mall 18 minutes after the shooting, but had trouble fitting below a low ceiling at the parking deck entrance. Eventually, crews wheeled in a stretcher. Four men were eventually arrested.