Second Palmer Killer Convicted


An Israeli Military Court on Tuesday convicted Ali Saada of the murders of Asher Palmer, 25, and his baby son, Yonatan, Hy”d, in 2011, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Waal al-Arjeh was the first to be convicted of murder in the attack, receiving two life sentences plus an additional 58 years in prison in July 2013. Al-Arjeh’s case set a legal precedent: the first time a military court has found someone guilty of murder in a rock-throwing attack.

According to the IDF, Arjeh and Saadeh intentionally threw a stone from a moving taxi through the windshield of Asher’s vehicle. The stone broke the windshield, causing Asher to lose control of the car, which overturned.

At the trial, the Palmer family’s lawyer Adrian Agassi described the object thrown at Palmer’s vehicle as a block, 7 by 4 inches, and 2 inches thick. “It was thrown from an oncoming vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction. At that velocity, it was like shooting a bullet,” Agassi said.

Palmer’s father Michael spoke at Arjeh’s trial, recalling arriving at the family home to see “a gurney with Asher’s body wrapped in a tallis, and a little box on top. In the box was Yonatan’s body.

“Yonatan, like his dad, loved to smile, to be happy, and he was just starting to talk — that is when Arjeh killed him,” he said.