NY Honor Guard at 11K-Plus Vets’ Funerals in 2013


Members of the New York National Guard’s honor guards are expected to have provided military funeral services to more than 11,500 veterans by the end of the year.

State military officials say the Army National Guard’s honor guards had provided services for 9,735 ceremonies as of last Tuesday, and expect to conduct another 265 military funerals by Jan. 1, 2014, which comes on Wednesday. The Air National Guard’s honor guards have participated in 1,538 funerals so far and expect to conduct at least 30 more before Wednesday.

National Guard officials say the number of funerals handled by the state’s Military Forces Honor Guard is declining each year with the passing of WWII veterans.

Since being organized in 1999, the honor guards have participated in more than 100,000 military funerals across New York state.