Baltimore Community Troubled by Burglaries


A rash of burglaries has been troubling the Baltimore community. There have been multiple daytime break-ins in the Ranchleigh and Park Heights areas in the past week.

Typically, the break-ins have occurred during the day. Perpetrators seem to have been watching area homes and are targeting those that are typically vacant during daytime hours. Items such as expensive watches, jewelry, and laptops have been stolen; one victim reported spotting her stolen items for sale on eBay the following day.

One case was caught by a neighbor’s video camera. Two African American youths, approximately 20 years old, pulled up in a black car. Using a crow bar to ply open the door, one of the youths entered the home and began to gather “merchandise,” while the other remained in the car. When some activity was noted across the street, the burglars quickly abandoned the home and left the area.

“Everyone in the neighborhood is on the alert,” reported a Ranchleigh resident. “Residents are being more careful to lock their doors and use their burglar alarms. We have also seen a lot of police circling the area.”

Email notifications have been sent by Shomrim and by local shuls, urging residents to be vigilant, stating, “We ask the Ribbono shel Olam to protect us and guide us through these very troublesome times. Aside from our tefillos, there are various methods that we as a community can assist in apprehending those responsible for the thefts and preventing future incidents.” Suggestions included remaining alert, locking all doors and windows even if leaving home for a few moments, and reporting any unusual activity.

The Pikesville Precinct police department has been responsive to the situation, and has increased patrols in the area. Councilwoman Rikki Spector has requested reports of any crime that has occurred in the area since August 1. She can be contacted at