Israel Releases Hunger-Striking Palestinian Prisoner


Israel released a Palestinian prisoner on Monday who had staged a hunger strike for 266 days.

Samer Issawi had gone on hunger strike after being re-arrested for violating the terms of his release in the exchange of 1,027 prisoners for captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. He was re-arrested in August for leaving the Yerushalayim area without permission.

As part of a deal reached with Israeli authorities in April, Issawi agreed to end his hunger strike and serve eight more months, totaling a sentence of 17 months.

Issawi had served eight years of a 26-year sentence for a shooting attack at the time of the Shalit deal.

In April, an Israeli official said Issawi would be released on a suspended sentence and that for the next 14.5 years, if he violates the conditions of his release at any time, he will return to prison to complete his original sentence.