A Campaign Against Reckless Driving

While New Yorkers have enjoyed much safer streets due to plummeting crime rates, crossing those streets has become more dangerous during the last year, according to the Department of Transportation. The DOT reported that pedestrian deaths rose a troubling 15.5 percent this year; 59 deaths were attributed to speeders; 48 to distracted drivers; and another 34 were due to drivers running red lights or stop signs. Deaths from drivers who were driving while intoxicated also rose this year, from 23 in 2012 to 36 in 2013.

In an attempt to reverse the troubling trend, the DOT has started an ad campaign that will feature posters of those who died under the wheels of reckless drivers. The posters will feature poignant pictures of individuals standing where their loved ones were mowed down. The DOT will place the posters on streets prone to reckless driving, in the hope that drivers will realize the terrible toll of such tragic deaths on families whose dear ones are suddenly ripped away.

We hope the campaign will give pause to those running through a light or stop sign in order to save a few seconds or minutes. Speeding may save a few moments of time, but it could cost someone else a lifetime.