Bnei Brak Resident Returns Lost Diamonds Worth $200,000


A young chareidi resident of Bnei Brak found a bag containing $200,000 worth of diamonds and returned it to its owners earlier this week, Haaretz reported on Thursday.

The fortune in gems disappeared last Thursday, when a dealer apparently dropped the bag in the street next to the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan.

The finder — also a diamond dealer — handed the bag over to the diamond exchange, and it was returned to its owner.

“My father lost the diamonds when he was on the way to the polisher,” said G., the son of the dealer, who is also a dealer on the exchange. “We tried searching all over the area, we checked the security cameras, but this area was not filmed.

“They weren’t our diamonds and we weren’t insured. We would have had to take out a large loan in order to return the money if it hadn’t been returned.”

The finder, A., said he never had a thought about keeping the diamonds for himself.

“I wasn’t tempted for a moment to take it. I was brought up to believe that we don’t touch anything that isn’t ours,” he said. “Moreover, the rules of the Diamond Exchange require us to behave with integrity and to return a lost item.”

When G. reported the loss to the exchange, he was informed that the bag had been found and that he could claim it by describing its identifying features.

“I didn’t believe that I would see the diamonds again,” said G. “The man who returned it is a real tzaddik.”