Deli Steals $1M Lottery Ticket From Customer


A Long Island deli owner and his son were charged Saturday with scamming a customer out of a $1 million lottery ticket. A non-English -peaking person bought the ticket Thursday at the Peninsula Deli & Grocery in Hempstead. He scratched off his card, saw that he was a winner and handed it to 26-year-old Karim Jaghab to get his winnings. The ticket was worth $1 million, but Jaghab gave the man $1,000 in cash and kept the ticket.

The customer became suspicious and went back Friday. Jaghab and his 57-year-old father, Nabil Jaghab, the owner of the deli, tried to give him $10,000 and told him not to go to the police. The customer went to police, who determined that he had won the $1 million jackpot. Both were arraigned, but their attorney said it was a simple mistake on a payout.