Hadera Paper Workers on Strike


Workers at Hadera Paper’s central plant went on strike Friday, shutting down operations indefinitely.

The company joins the Mega supermarket chain and Office Depot, businesses that are open on Shabbos and that have run into financial difficulties necessitating sale or closure in recent days.

The publicly-traded Hadera Paper, which is controlled by Clal Industries, reported a third-quarter loss of 61.2 million shekels.

The company claims that stopping operations on Shabbos would cause significant losses and force a hike in prices. However, a statement issued by the Histadrut said that the 370 unionized workers who are striking are those who work on Shabbos and earn extra money thereby; it is they who are preventing Hadera Paper from changing its policy.

As a result of the strike action, the plant has stopped producing both white paper and recycled paper.

The strike was launched over the unionized workers’ demand for continued payment of a 4.5-percent bonus that has been paid annually. The workers oppose making the bonus contingent on the company’s financial results.