IDF Medics Treat Hundreds in Philippines

TACLOBAN, Philippines (AP/Hamodia) -

Israeli army medics in the typhoon-devastated Philippines have so far treated some 370 injured people, of which 150 are children.

On Friday, Israeli doctors delivered a baby, and the grateful mother named him Israel.

About 150 members of the Israeli Defense Forces Home Front Command set up a field hospital in Bogo city on Cebu Island after Typhoon Haiyan killed thousands of people.

On Friday, Audrin Antigua was rushed in from a long line of patients seeking treatment.

An Israeli Embassy statement said the attending physician, Dr. Reuven Keidar, held Israel in his arms and offered the traditional congratulations to the parents: “Mazel tov. It’s a boy.”

It said Israeli doctors are now working on restoring a 70-year-old man’s eyesight after he was struck in the eye by a nail during the typhoon, the first ophthalmologic case for the Israeli team. The man will be operated on by Israeli medical personnel and doctors of the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Hospital in Cebu.

The Israeli team is one of 11 foreign medical groups that have set up operations in the Philippines.

“The field hospital capacity that the Israelis can mobilize is top-class,” said John Ging, a top U.N. humanitarian official, in New York.