Con Ed 2012 Rates Highest of Any Major U.S. Utility


Consolidated Edison’s 2012 residential electricity prices were the highest of any major U.S. utility, newly released federal data show.

Con Ed’s 2.1 million residential customers in New York City and Westchester County paid more than twice the national average price of 11.88 cents per kilowatt hour. Con Ed said in a statement that more than 25 percent of the bill consists of government-imposed taxes and fees.

The utility said it runs one of the most complex and reliable electrical-delivery systems in the world, adding, “We invest in that system on an ongoing basis to maintain the reliable service our customers need. At the same time, we aggressively manage our costs to protect our customers — a challenge, since New York is an expensive place to do business.”

Con Ed is asking the state Public Service Commission for $450.9 million in rate increases.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has urged the commission to deny Con Ed the rate increase.

The AARP’s Public Policy Institute shows that bills are expected to rise 13 percent or more for New Yorkers, who already pay the highest electric bills in the continental U.S., 60 percent above the national average. AARP’s survey of older New Yorkers found 62 percent concerned about paying for utilities over the next two years.