Netanyahu Warns of Mistake of Historic Proportions


Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers that falls short of halting its uranium enrichment program was taking shape in talks in Geneva, and that adopting it would be a “mistake of historic proportions.”

“Israel understands that there are proposals on the table in Geneva today that would ease the pressure on Iran for concessions that are not concessions at all. This proposal would allow Iran to retain the capabilities to make nuclear weapons,” he said in a speech.

“Israel totally opposes these proposals. I believe that adopting them would be a mistake of historic proportions. They must be rejected outright.”

In a sign of potential progress, a Vienna-based envoy said U.N. nuclear chief Yukiya Amano was likely to travel to Tehran on Monday for a possible agreement with Iran on some “first steps” toward greater transparency, including design information about nuclear facilities.