Report: Livni, Erekat Mulling Land-Swap Proposal


A government official has told Israeli media of a land-transfer proposal being discussed in talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The land transfer under discussion pertains to an area near Shechem that is controlled by the PA. In return, Israel would annex other areas in Yehudah and Shomron.

According to the government source, there is a suspicion in Israel that at the end of the nine months allocated for the Livni-Erekat talks, the United States will release a document blaming Israel for the failure of the talks. In order to head off such a ploy,  the report said, efforts are being made to discuss the possibilities of land swaps.

The recent spate of terrorist attacks by PA Arabs has led to calls by many MKs to curtail talks or to at least discuss whether they are worth continuing.

Doubts as to the chances of the talks’ leading to a final agreement were expressed by the prime minister. During his trip to the United States earlier this month, Netanyahu reportedly told Americans in a closed meeting that “the talks were going nowhere.”

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