IAF ‘All Options-on-the-Table’ Training For Long-Range Missions


While Western powers were preparing for renewed talks with Iran in coming days, the Israel Air Force has been preparing for the possibility of a different kind of encounter with the Islamic Republic.

Israel Air Force squadrons carried out long-range mission exercises this week, the kind of operation that would be necessary in an attack on Iran’s nuclear installations, according to media reports.

The exercise included midair refueling, which would be necessary in reaching and returning from Iranian targets.

“When one mentions that ‘all options are on the table,’ it’s clear that military operations are also being talked about,” the IDF Spokesman Office said Thursday.

“The air force, which is the IDF’s long arm, is responsible for realizing this option if necessary, and to that end, squadrons are practicing and strengthening the full range of their abilities, including long-range flights,” the IDF added.

Almost all of the F-15 and F-16 squadrons of the IAF participated, and training similar to it is held several times a year.

The IDF added that such training has been held on a regular basis in recent years.

An IAF source said that the preparations for such a mission entail dealing with unfamiliar weather conditions and terrain, as well as various military threats on the route to and from the targets.