NJ Makes Final Case to Delay Immorality Ruling


The Christie administration on Monday made its final case for why a judge should put on hold a ruling that would legalize immorality effective Oct. 21.

The state said that the ruling would make it difficult for the state’s top court to reverse course should it agree with the Christie administration’s stand. The state also says that it does not have to show Judge Mary Jacobson that it is likely to win on appeal to have the decision stayed — just that it raises substantial arguments.

The filing is the latest in a flurry of legal activity over the issue in New Jersey since the Sept. 27 ruling. Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican who is seen as a possible 2016 presidential candidate, is appealing Jacobson’s ruling to the state Supreme Court, and asking for her Oct. 21 deadline to be pushed back while that court considers the case.

A decision on the stay is expected before Oct. 21.