Foreign Ministry to Former EU Officials: ‘You’re Irrelevant’


The letter sent by former European leaders urging the EU to stand by its new ban on engaging with businesses over the Green Line was brushed aside by an Israeli Foreign Ministry official who said their opinion doesn’t matter, The Jerusalem Post reported on Tuesday.

“The people who signed the letter are no longer relevant and do not have control or say in the EU decision-making process,” the Ministry spokesman said. “This reflects their own biased positions and does not surprise us.”

The letter, signed by the Eminent European Persons Group, was sent to the EU’s 28 foreign ministers, as a delegation from the EU met with Israeli diplomats this week to discuss how the guidelines will be implemented.

The 15-member group includes former French Foreign Minister Hubert Verdine, who is one of its co-chairs, former EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, who was NATO’s secretary-general, and former Spanish foreign minister and Middle East envoy Miguel Moratinos.