Ex-TSA Worker Arrested In Connection With Threats


A Los Angeles International Airport security screener arrested on suspicion of making threats appears on a website that contains rambling letters criticizing America and a promise of devastation.

Nna Alpha Onuoha, 29, was arrested late Tuesday, hours after he quit his Transportation Security Administration job.

The site shows Onuoha posing with religious symbols and includes several letters filled with religious references. An Aug. 25 posting attributed to him said a message would be released on Sept. 11 and America “will be reduced to nothing.”

“Do not expect another 9/11,” it said. “What will unfold on this day and on the days ahead will be greater than 9/11.”

On Tuesday, federal officials said Onuoha made two calls to LAX after resigning and told officials to evacuate terminals. Parts of the airport were cleared and searched. Nothing was found.

Onuoha, originally from Nigeria, had worked for TSA since 2006 but was suspended recently, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said. He showed up at LAX on Tuesday afternoon, resigned from his job and left behind a package at TSA’s airport headquarters that was addressed to another agency employee, she said.

A bomb squad found no explosives or harmful contents in the package but discovered an eight-page letter in which Onuoha expressed disdain for the U.S. and referenced the event that led to his suspension, Eimiller said.