IDF Lt.-Col. Shmuel Eisner Reaches Plea Bargain


The IDF officer who was suspended from duty in April 2012 after striking, in self-defense, pro-Palestinian activists with his M-16 rifle, reached a plea agreement with military prosecutors on Tuesday, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Lt.-Col Shmuel Eisner will serve two months of community service without pay, according to the agreement. He will not be discharged from the IDF, but he will not be promoted to a new position and will retire early from the army.

Military prosecutors will seek authorization for the plea deal after Rosh Hashanah.

Eisner told reporters, “I decided not to put up a fight, even though my behavior was fine. I decided to swallow this agreement.”

Eisner was filmed hitting an activist with his gun while trying to clear a road. However, the footage released at the time, which led to immediate calls for his dismissal, did not show the prior attack in which one of the activists broke Eisner’s hand.

Eisner has said that he does not regret hitting the far-left Danish activist. “My job was to protect my soldiers and open the road, and I did just that,” he stated after the incident.