Yerushalayim Terrorist Plot Foiled


Israel security forces have foiled a Hamas plot to bomb a heavily-trafficked Yerushalayim mall between Rosh Hashanah and Sukkos, according to media reports.

The Israel Security Agency, the IDF and the Israel police announced Sunday the arrest of members of a Hamas terror cell that was in the advanced planning stages of an attack on the Mamilla Mall in Yerushalayim.

The Yerushalayim District Prosecutor filed indictments against two residents of eastern Yerushalayim on charges of conspiracy to help the enemy in wartime and attempting to make a bomb. The indictment states that the cousin of one of the suspects planned to make a bomb and plant it at the mall with the objective “of killing a large number of Jews.” He asked the suspect to smuggle the bomb into Israel, and he agreed.

The men decided to gift-wrap the bomb inside a box of chocolates, to be placed inside a trash receptacle in the mall at a time when it would be crowded.

The investigation also uncovered a bomb-making factory in Ramallah, where chemicals for the manufacture of explosives and instruction manuals were found. The three men confessed to their interrogators about the plan and revealed initial plans for other attacks, mainly against IDF troops.