Survey: Yerushalayim Light Rail a Success


After a slow start, public opinion of the Yerushalayim light rail system has turned favorable, according to data gathered by the Transport Master Plan team and published in Globes.

The survey found that two-thirds of the capital’s residents are satisfied or very satisfied with the light rail service.

Preliminary figures indicate that a sharp increase in the number of pedestrians in the city center can mostly be attributed to the light rail, which spells more business downtown, one of the primary objectives of the light rail project.

The Ministry of Transport invested almost NIS 1 billion in upgrades to the city center — including renovating stores and buildings’ facades.

The new route still gets low to moderate ratings for overcrowding, reliability, comfort, cleanliness, waiting time, and travel time to destinations.

But travelers reported they are pleased with hours of operation and orientation at stations.

The trains’ frequency still does not meet the terms of CityPass’s franchise agreement during rush hour, and the 48-49 minutes travel time along the full length of the line is 10 minutes longer than the agreement’s terms.