New Corruption Trial Denied for Ex-Councilman


A judge rejected a request Monday from a former New York City councilman for a new trial on his corruption conviction that included evidence that he doctored a receipt to increase the price of a $7 sandwich and Snapple to $177.

Former Councilman Larry Seabrook also requested to be free pending appeal. The judge who rejected his requests, U.S. District Judge Deborah Batts, also presided over Seabrook’s 2011 trial, when he was convicted of misdirecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for community projects to family members. The 62-year-old Bronx Democrat is currently imprisoned. He is scheduled for release in 2017. Batts said Seabrook failed to present any question of law or fact that was likely to result in a reversal of the conviction, a new trial or a reduced sentence.