Green Pipes to Europe


Israel will be exporting environmentally friendly sewage and wastewater pipes to Europe, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The firm Huliot of Kibbutz Sde Nehemia in the Upper Galil has signed contracts in six European countries.

Huliot has developed an acoustic insulated pipe made from a unique plastic compound that does not pollute the environment, according to the firm.

Officially recognized as an environmentally friendly product, the pipes recently received a green stamp of approval from the Israel Standards Institute.

The pipes operate quietly and are meant to replace lead pipes in the ground that lack insulation, the company explained.

Huliot is also exploring potential deals with a number of large construction companies in Israel who are eager to obtain green construction equipment for their projects, the company said.

Israeli building firms are increasingly eager to make use of such products in their projects “in order to get extra coveted points to be defined as ‘green building,’” explained Ariel Apeloig, vice president for marketing at Huliot.

The reduced amount of noise of downward trickling wastewater ith the new pipes will be particularly key to building residents, Apeloig stressed.