Israel Team Fined for Refusing to Play on Yom Kippur


The Israel Tennis Association has been fined more than $13,000 for refusing to play a Davis Cup match on Yom Kippur, The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports.

The Israeli national tennis team had been scheduled to play against the Belgium national team in Antwerp on September 14, which this year is Yom Kippur, in the international competition.

The Belgian Tennis Association declined Israel’s request to postpone the game, but the sponsoring entity, the International Tennis Federation, intervened. It ordered the match postponed to September 15, but said the Israelis would have to pay the Belgian team for the inconvenience.

“We in the Israeli Tennis Association stand proud, before all those who refuse to recognize the importance of the Jewish tradition, on behalf of Israel and Jews the world over,” Israel Tennis Association Chairman Asi Touchmair said in a statement.