Sephardic Man Wins Discrimination Suit


In a landmark ruling, the Tel Aviv Labor Court has upheld the claim of a Sephardic man who suffered

discrimination because of his ethnic origin, Globes reported.

The court ordered Israel Aerospace Industries to pay 50,000 shekels to Michel Malka, after determining that he was not hired as a paramedic by the company because of his ethnicity. It was the first time an Israeli court has awarded damages on such grounds.

Malka’s application was rejected when he applied under his real name, which is Sephardic, but he was invited for a job interview when he applied under the name Meir Malkieli, which is less identifiably Sephardic.

“IAI could not prove that its review of Malka’s application for a paramedic job in July 2008 was not considered in part because of his Sephardic ethnicity,” ruled Judge Sigal Davidow-Motola. She noted, however, that IAI had no general policy of discrimination against Sephardim.