Ireland Sending Peacekeeping Troops to Golan

DUBLIN (Reuters) -

Ireland is to send 114 peacekeepers to the Golan Heights to help monitor the truce between Israel and Syria that has been shaken by violence from Syria’s civil war.

Nepal is also transferring troops from the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Lebanon to the Golan Heights, a spokesman for the Lebanon mission.

Ireland and Nepal’s contribution will help boost the force, which is known as UNDOF, to its authorized strength of 1,250. It had been operating below that strength, with about 900 troops.

Japan and Croatia have withdrawn troops from UNDOF due to the violence and Austria is bringing home its contingent. About 500 Fijian troops will fill the gap left by those withdrawals. The Philippines already has some 340 troops in UNDOF along with nearly 200 troops from India.

The U.N. has been keen for Nordic lands to contribute since it needs Alpine troops, but Sweden has decided not to participate in the monitoring force, a Foreign Ministry official said.