Polish Chief Rabbi Hopeful on Shechitah


Reacting to a vote in Poland’s parliament on Friday that rejected a government-backed bill that would have allowed slaughterhouses to produce kosher meat, Chief Rabbi Michael Shudrich says that the position of the Jewish community is that shechitah is still legal in Poland, protected under a 1997 law regulating Poland’s relationship with the Jewish community.

In 2004, the parliament passed a law requiring livestock to be stunned before slaughter, but the Ministry of Agriculture granted an exemption for religious reasons. Eight months ago, a constitutional tribunal ruled that the minister didn’t have the right to grant exemptions to a law.

The Jewish community then made a strategic decision to try to get the exemption passed by Parliament, an attempt that failed on Friday.

“Our position is that we have the right to do shechitah in any case,” Rabbi Shudrich told Hamodia.