Children Left in Cars Die Two Days in a Row in Israel


Two small children died after being forgotten in cars by their parents in separate incidents on Sunday and Monday, according to Israeli media reports.

A two-year-old girl was left for several hours in a car in Dolev while her father was in a business meeting, thinking that his daughter was at a day care center. When he realized the tragic mistake, the girl was already in critical condition and could not be revived.

It followed the death fewer than 24 hours before, when a five-month-old baby died after being left in a car in Shiloh for seven hours. That baby was also left by its father, according to police.

MK Orly Levy Abekasis said the Transportation Ministry should mandate installation of devices in cars requiring the driver to circle the car checking each door before leaving. A bill was introduced last week requiring day care workers to call parents if their children do not arrive.